Kybella is a cosmetic and non-surgical procedure used to eliminate the fat deposits under the chin. It is approved by the FDA and is safe. You are an ideal candidate for Kybella if you are in good health, have moderate skin elasticity and submental fullness due to excess fat.

The Procedure

Kybella involves administering deoxycholic acid in the synthetic form. This targets the fat cells under the chin and destroys them. However, make sure to get the injections from an experienced cosmetic professional since deoxycholic acid might kill other healthy cells during the process.

Just before the Kybella procedure, your medical practitioner will mark the sites and administers an ice pack or a topical numbing agent to ease you of any possible discomfort. Generally, 20-30 injections are administered and, in some cases, up to 50. The acid works to kill fat cells gradually and over the following weeks, these cells are removed from your body. The treatment ranges between 30-45 minutes while the tiny injections cause you the least pain. The number of sessions you will need however, depends upon the extent of fat deposits you have and your aesthetic goals. You can receive up to 6 treatments, each spaced one month apart.


Kybella, as said earlier is safe and comes with no side effects. You might experience minor issues such as redness, numbness and bruising that fade away within a few days. You can resume your everyday activities immediately post-procedure however you need to stay away from direct sunlight in order to reduce redness.


The results from Kybella can be noticed within a few weeks after the treatment. Moreover, they last longer since the fat cells cannot store fat after the acid is administered.

Consult a Qualified Cosmetic Expert

If you are looking to reduce submental fullness and transform your appearance with Kybella, search for a certified cosmetic doctor that can work to meet your requirements. Hold rounds of talks before going ahead with the procedure; in addition, let your medical expert know your health conditions. You should also inform your physician if you are pregnant, nursing or have pregnancy plans in the near future.

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