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Facial Esthetics Blog

The Ultimate Guide to HydraFacial: Benefits, Process, and Results

HydraFacial is a cutting-edge skin treatment that offers immediate, noticeable results and a pathway to lasting skin health. Provided by Cupertino Facial Esthetics, it leverages hydradermabrasion technology with specialized serums to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin, addressing various concerns for all skin types. The result is a clear, more radiant complexion with lasting benefits. […]

Skincare Treatments for Every Skin Concern

Everyone has unique skin with specific issues that require personalized care. While there may not be a single perfect treatment for everyone, the experts at Cupertino Facial Esthetics offer safe, effective treatments for every skin concern, including: Acne & Acne Scars We offer customized acne therapy to target the cause of breakouts and restore the […]

Learn More About Profound RF Skin Tightening for the Face, Neck, and Chest

skin tightening

As we start aging, our skin loses the elasticity and tightness it once had. Before you know it, your skin looks loose and saggy. Many people would love to regain the youthful appearance of their skin. However, going under the knife is a prospect that not many people particularly enjoy, especially since it comes with […]

COVID-19 Guidelines

To our dear Cupertino Facial Esthetics patients, Thank you for your continued loyalty throughout this year. We truly appreciate your support and continued trust as we endure yet another unexpected turn at the end of this year. Your safety remains our number one priority, which is why we continue to implement precautionary protocol that exceeds […]

What Is Juvederm Voluma Used To Treat?

juvederm filler

Juvederm is a collection of dermal fillers that are injectables used to improve aesthetic appearance and make a person look younger. One of the products under the Juvederm brand in Juvederm Voluma. This medication is a volumizer, which is used to add volume to facial skin to make it look younger. This is an effective […]

What Is the Kybella Treatment Process Like?

kybella procedure

Kybella is a cosmetic and non-surgical procedure used to eliminate the fat deposits under the chin. It is approved by the FDA and is safe. You are an ideal candidate for Kybella if you are in good health, have moderate skin elasticity and submental fullness due to excess fat. The Procedure Kybella involves administering deoxycholic […]

What Is The Botox Treatment Process Like?

cosmetic injectables

Botox: How Does It Work? Botox is an injectable muscle relaxer that combats wrinkling i.e. wrinkled appearance of the skin. Essentially, it temporarily paralyzes the underlying muscle by a localized injection of Type A botulinum toxin, especially the much popular Onabotulinumtoxin A. Botox was initially approved by the USFDA in 1989 for specific eye muscle […]

When You Look in the Mirror and Notice a Double Chin

kybella treatment

We’ve all gone through it before: that moment where we look in the mirror and notice a double chin. It takes you by surprise, makes you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, frustrated, and helpless. How did it happen without you noticing? A double chin can form for a number of reasons. It may appear when a person […]

We Offer Laser Gum Contouring for Gum Reduction

gummy smile options

Gums are a part of the soft-tissue lining of the mouth that surrounds the teeth. They act as a seal that holds the teeth together. The gums are tightly bound to the underlying bones. Gums help resist the friction of passing food. Gums are divided into the following categories: Marginal gum: On the edge of […]

Miss Having Great Hair? PRP Scalp Treatments Can Bring It Back!

hair restoration for male and female

Hair loss is a problem that many people face. In many cases, it is caused by poor nutrition, pollution, improper treatment of hair, medication, and genetics. Hair loss, also known as baldness or alopecia, refers to loss of hair from the head or body without inflammation or scarring. Hair loss can cause emotional distress. There […]

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